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Don’t Quit Your Medispa Treatments Just Because It’s Summer

Summertime is in full swing. Most people are under the impression that we have to stop all aggressive regimens in the summer. That isn’t true! We absolutely can use skincare products and do medispa treatments that help prevent and control sun damage. Skin Care:  One way to combat free radical breakdown would be to get on a Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin C. Vitamin C will help to stop free radicals from entering the skin and causing damage. We offer many varieties of Vitamin C from our most popular skincare lines like Revision, SkinMedica and ZO Medical. Another important step is to … Continue reading

How to Find Your Ideal Sunscreen: The Perfect Balance of Coverage and Cosmetics

You’ve heard it before, from your mother, your friends, and the media: Wear sunscreen! With sunscreen as your primary daily defense against signs of aging and issues like skin cancer, you have no excuse not to slather it on. Especially in the summer. While the labels on some sunscreen products may seem confusing, the staff from our medical spa in Louisville, KY, are here to help you sort out the most important features you should be looking for, like SPF levels and broad spectrum coverage. So take note and check your sunscreen bottles to make sure you have the coverage … Continue reading

Summer Nails, What’s Hot

Who says fingernails and toenails should match? That’s not a rule. Some people, like myself, never match. I love to think of my nails as an accessory. One of my favorite looks for the summer is a lighter shade polish on my nails and a deeper one in the same shade on my toes. Metallics are no longer considered festive or Holiday-ish. They can be fun and the summer. You can layer them over any color, our use them under colors. Yes, under colors it gives them an extra punch. Neutral colors don’t have to be boring. Think milky whites, … Continue reading

Your Summer Skin Care: Top 4 Staff Picks

Hello there, summer! It’s nice to have you back. The heat is here, and we love the season and all of the fun events and gatherings that come with it. Whether you’re in a wedding, headed to a concert, or just want to look fresh for drinks with friends, we want to help you check “gorgeous skin” off your to-do list. We’ve called on some of our staff to share some of their favorite skincare products and treatments, from BOTOX® Cosmetic and laser rejuvenation to sunscreen and serums from our Louisville and Lexington locations. Which one are you most excited … Continue reading

How Lymphatic Massage Can Benefit You

Lymphatic Drainage massage (LDM) is a gentle, rhythmic style of massage.  This use of very light pressure and constant movements is designed to mimic the lymphatic system and reduce swelling by removing toxins from the body.  A typical 50-minute session will usually only cover one section of the body which allows the therapist to thoroughly address that area of concern.  Clients find it to be a very relaxing experience and often fall asleep during their treatment. Lymph massage can be very beneficial when used with cosmetic surgery. This therapy can be used before and after surgery to speed healing and … Continue reading