Sometimes called the “mask of pregnancy,” melasma is a harmless skin condition that causes patches of dark coloring on the forehead, cheeks, and other parts of the face. Learn more about the following melasma treatment options available in Lexington and Louisville at CaloSpa® Rejuvenation Center:

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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels, available in a range of strengths, dissolve areas of excess pigment in the upper layers of the skin. Learn More

Halo Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Halo combines two laser wavelengths to treat both the surface and deeper layers of the skin to target areas of discoloration. Learn More


The ClearSilk laser for melasma treatment gently heats the dermis, helping to break up dark pigmentation and brown spots to reveal clear, smooth skin. Learn More 


The NanoLaserPeel works to gently remove dark spots and reveal brighter, glowing skin. Learn More 


The MicroLaserPeel works to break up dark spots, revealing brighter, more refreshed skin. Learn More 


Skinade® is a premade drink that improves the health of your skin from within.


A gentle, non-ablative, fractionated laser that targets melasma without downtime. MOXI is especially popular among younger patients. Learn More


Our melasma skincare kits contain medical-grade products to correct melasma with regular at-home use. Learn More

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