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Eliminate Unwanted Fat, Permanently!

Spring is almost here which means now is the time to come in and educate yourself on Coolsculpting and if it’s right for you! My name is Brittany, and I have been part of the CaloSpa family since 2007. Over the years I have been very fortunate to learn about all the different aesthetic and cosmetic procedures we offer.What I have learned the most is that the  cosmetic industry only continues to grow with more fascinating technology and techniques to help us serve our patients with nothing but the best. I am pleased to announce that I have recently completed … Continue reading

The Power of Antioxidants

Antioxidants play an incredible part in the function of our health and our skin. That is why for years we have seen and heard so much  about them. When our bodies and our skin are constantly bombarded by free radicals on a minute by minute basis, it is damaging to our cells and our DNA. That is why diet and antioxidants in skincare formulations are so important. An effective antioxidant product will contain higher levels of antioxidants and will be sold in a medically supervised environment. The FDA will only allow a very small percentage of antioxidants to be included … Continue reading

Couples Massage Maybe Just What You’re Looking For

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching us you maybe once again faced with the dilemma of what to get that special someone in your life. There are always the typical Valentines gifts such as a special card, some chocolates, or flowers. If you are looking to bring it up a notch, celebrating this day of romance with a Calospa Couples Massage maybe just what you’re looking for. This type of massage allows couples to reconnect and to get a little closer which can enhance intimacy. You and that special someone will experience your massage together in the same area with a … Continue reading

Remove Unwanted Tattoos with the Picosure Laser

Who doesn’t know someone with a tattoo that they wish they had never got or wish they could get rid of?  Over the years laser technology has continued to improve for tattoo removal and  now patients can see faster and better results with the new  Picosure Laser available at CaloSpa. One of the easiest ways to explain how the Picosure is different from other lasers is that it has the ability to break up the ink into particles the size of fine sand. This then makes it much easier for the body to continue to break down and lighten up … Continue reading

Don’t Cry about Aging, Defy it!

As we age,  our faces start to lose volume. The youthful round contours of our face become flat causing skin to sag.  Jawlines take on a different shape. We look in the mirror and ask “where did my cheeks go?” A lot of people also work very hard at maintaining a healthy figure with diet and exercise only to find that it exasperates the aging process in our face. Do you like the face you had 15 pounds ago but don’t want to gain the weight back? No worries, we can help. Fortunately with the wide variety of injectable fillers available we can … Continue reading