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EMSCULPT® vs. CoolSculpting®: Your Top 8 Questions Answered

There's a great debate at our Calospa® Rejuvenation Center locations: vs. . These popular nonsurgical procedures share a similar goal and purpose: sculpting the body by targeting and eliminating unwanted areas of fat. However, they each take a slightly different path toward delivering their impressive, long-lasting results. Wondering whether EMSCULPT or CoolSculpting is right for …

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QUIZ: Which CaloSculpting Treatment Is Right For Me?

Did you know that body sculpting treatments can help with a variety of concerns such as eliminating stubborn fat, building and toning muscle, and improving cellulite? At CaloSpa® Rejuvenation Center we offer several great options, from CoolSculpting® Elite and truSculpt® to EMSCULPT® and more. If you are finding it difficult to pick the right treatment …

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