VISIA® Complexion Analysis

VISIA Complexion Analysis at CaloSpa® in Lexington and Floyds Knobs is a powerful tool to help guide your skincare decisions. With VISIA, you and our dedicated team can see your skin in stunning detail and spot potential trouble spots before they form. Stay one step ahead of aging, and keep your skin looking and feeling its best for years with customized VISIA Complexion Analysis.

To learn more about your options for improving the look and condition of your skin, request a spa consultation online or call our Louisville location at (502) 814-3000, our Lexington location at (859) 269-2256, or our Floyds Knobs location at (812) 920-4880 today.

About VISIA Complexion Analysis

VISIA Complexion Analysis lets the aesthetic professionals at CaloSpa® evaluate your skin beneath the surface to recommend products and services that treat damage and irregularities where they originate instead of merely concealing them. See your complexion in a fascinating new light as one of our aesthetic professionals guides you through your analysis. VISIA’s features include:

  • UV photography to evaluate sun damage that may be invisible to the naked eye
  • RBX® Technology to map discoloration and vascular lesions such as rosacea
  • TruSkin Age™ to analyze 8 distinct skin features to determine the “real” age of your skin
  • Percentile scores to compare your skin to other individuals in your age range
  • A 3-D viewer to see a realistic interpretation of your skin’s surface from any angle
  • Aging simulation to envision what your skin may look like in the future
Overview of VISIA results

Photos courtesy of Canfield Scientific Inc

With VISIA’s valuable visualization tools, our professionals can spot potential concerns and make sound recommendations to help you reduce current issues and prevent future damage. A VISIA Complexion Analysis is so much more than a picture — it’s an investment in your future beauty and well-being.

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Dawn Recktenwald, RN

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Bethany Shively, DNP, APRN, FNP-C

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Nicole Beams, RN, BSN

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The Experience

A VISIA Complexion Analysis at CaloSpa® is a comfortable, educational experience meant to improve your skin care. At our Lexington or Louisville office, one of our qualified aesthetic professionals captures an image of your face using VISIA’s specialized camera. Once the image is fully rendered, your aesthetic professional reviews your profile with you. During this analysis, you may learn new things about your own skin, such as the depth of your pores or the locations of areas with high levels of bacterial accumulation.

Visia special camera shotVisia special camera shotVisia special camera shotVisia special camera shotPhotos courtesy of Canfield Scientific Inc.

Using this knowledge, our professionals then work with you to help you develop a completely personalized skincare regimen. Whether you choose to reduce sun damage with a facial laser treatment or select skincare products for a strong at-home regimen, we look forward to helping you reveal your most beautiful skin.

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Often Asked

Q. Is a VISIA Complexion Analysis painful?

A. No. VISIA uses a special camera to capture images of your skin from several angles. The procedure is not invasive or painful and is comparable to undergoing an X-ray at the dentist’s office.

Q. What are the long-term benefits of a VISIA Complexion Analysis?

A. VISIA lets our professionals deeply evaluate your skin to visualize potential concerns before they become visible on the skin’s surface. In the long term, this means that you can choose to use products or undergo treatments that prevent these concerns from worsening, which will help you maintain and improve the condition of your skin for years.

Q. Who is eligible for a VISIA Complexion Analysis?

A. Any men or women who wish to learn more about their skin and subsequently improve its condition are eligible for a complexion analysis with VISIA. Our patients are a diverse group of individuals, and we’re have plenty of experience helping people from all walks of life fulfill their aesthetic goals.

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