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Our medispa in Lexington, KY, offers hand rejuvenation treatments to help meet your goals and reduce the appearance of age on your hands.

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Nail Knowledge -Three Common Questions Asked During A Manicure

Hello CaloSpa friends. My name is Dee and I am a certified nail technician here at the lovely CaloSpa Rejuvenation Center in Louisville, Kentucky. I wanted share three of the most common asked nail questions I get when seeing my clients for their routine manicures. 1). Is it true that you should only file your nail in one direction? Yes, you should always file in one direction when shaping the nail. Nails are made up of dead cells that flatten as they grow out. These flat cells form into the layers of the nail. That’s why you will see a … Continue reading

Score the Hottest Nails of Summer

Score the hottest mani and pedi under the sun! Shaping Up When on vacation, keep everything easy, including your mani and pedi. While almond shaped nails are popular, the shape that works best for you can be determined by looking at your own nails. For a shortened, natural nail it depends on the shape of your nail bed. You should stick to what fits your hand. It’s about what works for you. Length Factor Gels are popular at our spa in Louisville.  Gels can easily go on your nails and help them grow out to where they’re a nice active … Continue reading