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Playing It Safe With BOTOX® Cosmetic

Remember BOTOX parties? Although they fell out of the headlines, they never quite went away — and they’re on our minds again, especially as Americans become much more comfortable and familiar with the product. Our BOTOX providers in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, want to devote this month’s blog post to reminding patients how to use and enjoy BOTOX safely and sensibly. BOTOX Parties Aren’t Safe. Period. The dose used and the skill of the injector are important parts of what makes BOTOX notably safe. BOTOX parties, which are often held in hotels, salons, and other non-medical facilities, are not. Additionally, … Continue reading

The Best Treatment for Summer

While we offer an array of treatments that are popular in the summertime and throughout the whole year, our top pick for the warmer months might surprise you. Here at our medi spa in Louisville, BOTOX® Cosmetic is an excellent choice for treating yourself to the best summer ever — and it’s not just about wrinkles. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many ways BOTOX can help keep you cool, fresh, and beautiful this summer and beyond. The Benefits Boosted Confidence: Whether BOTOX patients undergo treatment for excessive sweating or unwanted wrinkles, most say they feel more confident afterward. The … Continue reading

Lasers vs. Peels vs. Facials

One of the most common questions I get as a clinical aesthetician is “why?” Why lasers, vs. peels, vs. facials? There are so many things to choose from in the beauty/ cosmetic industry. Why facials? Facials are excellent for proper cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration. Facials have a way of making people feel completely relaxed and refreshed. The atmosphere alone in our spa is enough to make a person never want to get off the table. Why peels? Peels are ideal for cellular turnover (deep exfoliation), pores, surface pigmentation, and collagen stimulation. For a person who wants to get more aggressive … Continue reading

Massage May Help Your Migraine

What Is A Migraine? A migraine is a headache which causes moderate to severe pain that reoccurs. It often occurs, pulsating, on one side of the head, with other symptoms accompanying it. A migraine can be chronic if a person has one for more than 15 days out of the month, for 4 hours or greater at a time. Unfortunately, it is not known what causes a Migraine, Genetics can play a role but there are triggers to be aware of, a few examples are…Weather, Stress, Hunger, certain foods, medications, Fatigue, certain scents…it effects about 12% of Americans each year, … Continue reading

Medical-grade Skincare vs. Over the Counter Skincare – What You Need to Know

Why choose medical-grade skincare vs. over the counter? We’ve all fallen victim to the hundreds of magazine ads, commercials, or even to that neighbor selling the latest “pyramid scheme” skincare regimen. I hear it almost every time I see a new client. There is an enormous array of products available claiming to treat just about any issue you may have with your skin. So, what is the difference between the products you may find in a department store or at your local drug store versus medical-grade skincare, and is it really worth the investment? The answer is yes, and we … Continue reading