3 Things You Should Never Do After Getting Injectable Fillers

Woman looking in mirror after receiving injectable fillers

There are plenty of reasons injectable dermal fillers have become a favorite at our medical spa and around the world: They’re quick, affordable, versatile, and require little to no downtime. But even though these treatments are so minimally invasive that you can have them done on your lunch break, there are a few things you should know about the post-treatment aftercare involved.

Read on to learn more about the 3 things you should never do after a filler appointment—and a few helpful steps you can take instead.

Don’t Have Dental Work Done Right After Lip Injections

Unless your dental appointment is an emergency, try not to schedule any dental work for at least 2 weeks following your lip filler appointment. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Dental work may cause microinjuries near your filler. This can raise your risk of a bacterial infection while your fillers are still in the healing stage.
  • Pressure on your lips can move your filler and exacerbate any existing swelling.

One study even found bacteria introduced during a dental appointment may cause a biofilm around the filler, raising your risk of potential complications.

Have more questions about what to expect when getting lip injections? Learn more in this blog post.

Don’t Take NSAIDs to Relieve Soreness

It’s normal to experience some lingering soreness after filler injections, and pain medications can certainly provide relief. However, it’s important that you take the right kind of painkiller so you don’t make any bruising worse.

NSAIDs such as Advil and Aleve thin the blood, which increases your chances of bruising. Instead, opt for acetaminophen (Tylenol), which doesn’t have this effect.

Alcohol has an effect similar to NSAIDs and some other supplements: it thins the blood and worsens bruising. It’s best to avoid drinking for 48 hours before and after your appointment.

Don’t Expect To Be Camera-Ready Right Away

Even when you follow all your injector’s instructions to a tee, some swelling and bruising are par for the course after a filler treatment. Don’t schedule any big events for 2 weeks or more—that social downtime gives you time to heal completely so you can look your very best.

What You Should Do After Getting Injectable Fillers

Here are a few tips we share with our filler patients:

  • Take arnica: This homeopathic supplement minimizes bruising and speeds along the healing process.
  • Apply ice: Applying ice or a gel ice pack for a few minutes at a time will keep swelling down.
  • Take it easy: Take the day off your usual vigorous workout routine to avoid raising your blood pressure.

To see examples of the results you can expect after a dermal filler treatment, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you would like to meet personally with one of our injectors to talk about dermal filler injectables at our Lexington, KY, med spa, please request a consultation online or call (502) 814-3000.

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