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Discover Your Skincare Regimen

In this wonderful world of beauty, things can get extremely confusing. The question “which treatment is better” is asked on a daily basis. I wish it were that simple. In a field that is driven by technology, there is no easy answer. Most of us have goals in life. Usually, we have a written or mental plan on how to obtain those goals. It’s no different for our aesthetic goals. One should make a plan and work to complete it. Your expected outcome should be used to establish a plan. A skincare consultation is a great way to start. You … Continue reading

The Woes of Hyperpigmentation

  When it comes to our skin, hyperpigmentation can be one of the most feared prognoses. Some people are born with hyperpigmentation; others develop the darkened pigment over time. Hyperpigmentation is simply the excess production of melanin in our skin. Melanin is what gives our skin its pigment or color. Specific skin cells, called melanocytes, create the melanin seen on our skin as spots, freckles, large patches, masks, or even all over the entire body. While the term hyperpigmentation makes us cringe in the skin care world due to our sought after “flawless skin”, it actually isn’t harmful and usually … Continue reading

Louisville Skincare Evaluation Leads to Meeting Your Skincare Needs

Here at CaloSpa we offer so many amazing treatments and services, from advanced physician-directed skincare to state-of-the-art lasers. We have written many informative blogs over the years letting you know about the treatments we offer, what our favorites are and why. However, today I want to get back to the basics. Maybe you have been a client here at CaloSpa for several years or maybe you’ve just scheduled your first visit to our medispa. Whatever the situation may be it is important to take the time to individualize your goals and treatment path. That is why I believe everyone needs … Continue reading

You’ve Heard of Sunscreen. Have You Heard of Superscreen?

The one. The only. SUPERSCREEN! Did you know that UV rays aren’t the only rays from the sun that age your skin? Just when you thought your sunscreen had it all covered – let me tell you there is a whole other ray that we have not been protecting our skin from! SkinMedica has discovered a way to protect our skin from one of the most harmful rays, IR-A, or Infrared-A. These rays penetrate deeper into the skin than UVA and UVB rays. IR-A rays can cause signs of aging and penetrate the deepest into our skin. These IR-A rays … Continue reading

Guys + Skincare. Usually these are two words that don’t mix!

Guess what? Now they do! Men are usually notorious for being lax when it comes their faces but now we are seeing a high volume of men who want to get started on a skincare regimen. Most skincare is directed towards women these days but at Calospa we have great products that are simple and easy for men who want to step up their skin game. We have put together an easy skincare plan directed towards men from one of our favorite lines here at CaloSpa, Revision, which any guy can follow!   1-  Brightening Facial Wash: Ideal for all … Continue reading