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Nail Knowledge -Three Common Questions Asked During A Manicure

Hello CaloSpa friends. My name is Dee and I am a certified nail technician here at the lovely CaloSpa Rejuvenation Center in Louisville, Kentucky. I wanted share three of the most common asked nail questions I get when seeing my clients for their routine manicures. 1). Is it true that you should only file your nail in one direction? Yes, you should always file in one direction when shaping the nail. Nails are made up of dead cells that flatten as they grow out. These flat cells form into the layers of the nail. That’s why you will see a … Continue reading

Achieving The Perfect Brows – One Size Does Not Fit All

I offer permanent makeup  and when I recently came across an article about how to achieve the perfect brow, it caught my attention.  It was very interesting to read how a thicker, fuller, and even longer brows are making a comeback.  Brows have always been a trend that continues to change to whatever celebrities are doing.  Usually my clients come in and bring me a picture of a celebrity and tell me that is how they want their brows to look.  I wish it was that simple to put whatever brow on any face shape but it’s not. We need to remember that it’s not a one … Continue reading


The classic Clarisonic debate. I have heard both ends of the spectrum. Ultimately I get my patients asking me if a Clarisonic is going to be harmful or helpful to their skin. And my answer is? BOTH I know GASP! How could I possibly tell you that your Clarisonic, which is obviously the best thing since sliced bread, can be bad for your skin? Probably because you’re using it too much! Exfoliation is an absolute necessity in a skin care regimen and I think most people assume that using a Clarisonic once even twice a day is giving them an everyday … Continue reading

Body Treatments Sure to Leave You Feeling Refreshed for Spring

Massage isn’t your only option on the menu at Calospa. You can also choose between two body treatments. Calospa offers a detoxifying/cellulite wrap and a body polish. Both are great treatments to gear your body up for spring. What you can expect during your 50 minute body polish. A body polish is an exfoliating treatment to eliminate dead skin from the body.  The treatment is applied by hand while lying on a heated table.  Your therapist will use a light  but vigorous technique to scrub each area gently.  The cleansing body polish is a blend of soothing  green tea and stimulating … Continue reading

Restylan Silk is the ‘Go to” Injectable Filler for Lip Enhancment

CaloSpa is excited to introduce a  new product to our filler family, Restylane Silk. It is the first and only FDA approved product specifically designed for subtle lip enhancement and to soften wrinkles around the mouth area.  Just like its sister products, Restylane  and Perlane,  Restylane Silk is a hyaluronic acid (a substance found naturally  in the body) based product that contains lidocaine for patient comfort  during injection.  It’s the “go to” product for someone who wants to improve: Signs of aging around the mouth Restore volume to the lips Restylane Silk enables your clinician to deliver a very natural look and effect to the lips. You may … Continue reading