Don’t Quit Your Medispa Treatments Just Because It’s Summer

A sun made with suncream at the shoulder (shallow dof)

Summertime is in full swing. Most people are under the impression that we have to stop all aggressive regimens in the summer. That isn’t true! We absolutely can use skincare products and do medispa treatments that help prevent and control sun damage.

Skin Care:  One way to combat free radical breakdown would be to get on a Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin C. Vitamin C will help to stop free radicals from entering the skin and causing damage. We offer many varieties of Vitamin C from our most popular skincare lines like Revision, SkinMedica and ZO Medical. Another important step is to wear a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen of 30% or greater. Each sunscreen we offer provides 2 hours of protection from the summer sun. Reapplication is a must with sunscreen, and you should do so every few hours.

Medispa Treatments: Exfoliation is a must during the summer, and one of our most popular treatments is Dermaplaning.  Dermaplaning removes the layer of dead skin cells off the surface of your face to reveal new fresh skin. A step further would be to do a full MicroPeel which uses three methods of exfoliation (dermaplaning, chemical peel, and cryo or mask therapy) to achieve optimal results and manage bacteria.  As with any medispa treatment performed, the use of sunscreen afterward is mandatory. We want to ensure that we are protecting that new, fresh skin. Another effective treatment for complexion correction, treating fine lines and wrinkles, textural changes, acne scarring and pore size with no down time, is the Laser Genesis. Laser Genesis is a laser treatment that we can do in the summer to help provide collagen stimulation and cellular turnover which is a must in any anti-aging regimen. The laser is safe for all skin types and shades.

Each of the products and medispa treatments listed above can be performed in the summer.  Having sun exposure does not limit the use of or having a procedure done. Although we wouldn’t suggest deliberately getting sun exposure because of the damage it causes.  Scheduling regular medispa treatments that promote cellular turnover and using products that protect against free radicals and sun damage will help you in the fight against aging.

Jessica Anderson, CaloSpa Aesthetician

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