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New Laser Genesis Gives CaloSpa Patients a New Complexion

We can officially say its summer now that Memorial Day is behind us.  That is usually a time very few laser treatments can be done due to sun exposure.  Summer sun is also a time where damage starts to appear on the skin and I get a lot of questions about how to correct it.  I have always discussed the importance of SPF and generally advised  waiting until fall to start any kind of laser treatment series but now CaloSpa has a treatment that is  multi-purpose, all season, and for all skin types, that maintains overall skin health. Laser Genesis skin therapy … Continue reading

A Few Tips To Sunscreen

One of the more important things not to forget when getting dressed is , sunscreen!  Many of us take time to care for and style our hair,  apply make-up, etc. yet, some of us simply don’t apply sunscreen.  There are many , many types and brands available, so choosing the right one, maybe a personal preference. Things to consider may be the climate that you live in, is it hot and humid or cool and dry?  Are you outdoors playing sports, or indoors working?  Also, if you are using any Retinoids, or prescription formulas , you may be a little … Continue reading

Jane Iredale Makeup at CaloSpa

Derby season has sprung into full swing and with the arrival of Derby is the blossoming of spring color. This year Jane Iredale Skin Care Makeup has transformed its self with an updated palette for the eyes and lips.  The colors are natural in tone but vibrant in color giving you just the right amount of pop to enhance your features. If you have never tried Jane Iredale you would be presently surprised by the feel and look of this mineral makeup. It leaves your skin looking natural and bright with ingredients such as pomegranate, blackberry and citrus that help … Continue reading

Complimentary Mini-Makeover April 16th

Jane Iredale was the first to introduce a line of makeup with skin care benefits.  She composed her makeup of pharmaceutical grade and certified organic vitamins and antioxidants.  Jane Iredale foundations and concealers contain pure mineral pigment with no fillers which give exceptional coverage and require minimal touch-ups.  Every product in the Jane Iredale line is multi-functional such as the mineral powders; a foundation, powder, concealer, and sunscreen all in one. The line is perfect for every skin type and  the powders are great for toning down naturally shiny skin.  You can relieve yourself from the guilt of day to … Continue reading

Top Medispa Procedures to Get Ready for Derby

Who has Derby Fever? What is it about Derby that makes us all want to look our very best? Whether you’re on Millionaires row, in the Grandstands, partying in the Infield,  or just hanging out at a backyard party, we all just want to look good. No worries, we have you covered. CaloSpa has everything you need to achieve your best look.  Here are our most popular services for men and women to look their best  for Derby.     Botox  is always a sure bet. Its the # 1 cosmetic procedure in America for a reason. You can say goodbye to … Continue reading