A Few Tips To Sunscreen


One of the more important things not to forget when getting dressed is , sunscreen!  Many of us take time to care for and style our hair,  apply make-up, etc. yet, some of us simply don’t apply sunscreen.  There are many , many types and brands available, so choosing the right one, maybe a personal preference. Things to consider may be the climate that you live in, is it hot and humid or cool and dry?  Are you outdoors playing sports, or indoors working?  Also, if you are using any Retinoids, or prescription formulas , you may be a little more sensitive .

Physical, or non- chemical sunscreens are ideal for people with Rosacea, or skin being treated for acne.  The fragrance tends to be little or none, and the more irritating chemicals are left out. The active ingredients being Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide form more of a physical barrier on the skin, so that UV rays bounce, or reflect off the surface of the skin.  This causes less heat build up in the skin.  The Zinc is also healing.  Some people still remember the white coated noses from zinc, but the better formulas are now using micronized zinc, which blends easily into the skin. These formulas also work well for babies, 6 months or older. Try to always look for non-comedogenic and fragrance free labels.

Reapplication after working outdoors, playing sports,swimming, being at the pool, or beach is very important. The American Cancer Society is recommending re-applying every two hours. An ounce or a shot sized glass is the recommended amount for the body. This is a must, particularly in hot climates as the heat and humidity tend to break down ingredients more quickly.

Other tips to help with sunscreen’s would be mineral make-up applied over your application of sunscreen.  This would give you another layer of protection and also be calming to the skin. Because they offer a non-chemical sunscreen, they are great for helping to blot oil on the skin, and protect at the same time! Always use a SPF of 15 or higher.  Enjoy your time outdoors, just remember to care for our skin as well.

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