Visia Gives You a Deeper Look Into Your Skin Health

Willis, Sabrina 20140717 overview VISIA-Overview-screen-Technology is always changing and so is our skin. With that in mind CaloSpa has introduced Visia a complexion analysis system that measures the quality of your skin based on your age range. How does it work you ask? Using a percentile basis (100% being the best and 0% being the most damaged) Visia takes photographs with three different flashes that help detect spots visible to the eye (i.e. brown, red, moles and freckles), wrinkles, pores, texture, bacteria and moisture, and uv spots (i.e. brown and red). After the photographs are analyzed your percentile is configured based on your age and the outcome of your images. This is beneficial in the fact that it gives you a visual of the positive effects taking care of your skin has or the damage that has been done to your skin. With the help of your Beauty Advisor we can guide you in the areas that need to be corrected and help you maintain all the positive aspects of your skin. Your Beauty Advisor will assist you at the Skincare Bar utilizing the Visia and guiding you through the variety of treatments and skin care products we offer to ensure that you are scheduled with the appropriate provider to help correct the damage or even a consult with a nurse or one of the Doctors for injectables or even surgery.

CaloSpa has also introduced products that utilize Resilient Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid helps reduce the visible signs of aging by smoothing and plumping the skin when applied topically. That same effect can be achieved by having fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane injected deeper into the skin which also adds fullness and a smoother texture.  After you have received fillers and or used the products our services that we offer, come in for a comparison Visia session. With the comparison Visia session we can do a side by side of your first Visia session and the follow up session to compare the results after use of products and or treatments. With this you will see the results from your skincare regime and treatments you have received to correct and maintain your youthful appearance.  So call CaloSpa today and schedule your complimentary Visia treatment.

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