About 9 out of 10 women develop cellulite during their lives, and it’s safe to say that all of them would like to find an effective cellulite treatment to minimize the dimpled appearance. Qwo is a game-changing treatment—the first and only injectable procedure approved by the FDA to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks. It is now among the multiple solutions we offer for cellulite reduction at our Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, med spa locations.

About Qwo

As the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for cellulite, Qwo sets itself apart from other cellulite treatments. Over-the-counter lotions and creams provide temporary improvement to the cottage cheese-like appearance on the skin’s surface. More effective procedures focus on releasing the connective tissue that pulls down on the skin, either using a tiny microblade or radiofrequency and mechanical energy.

Qwo involves injecting enzymes that target cellulite’s fibrous bands, redistribute fat cells, and stimulate the production of new collagen.

Improvements From Qwo

Even though many people believe being overweight causes cellulite, the condition actually occurs whether a woman is physically fit or not. Qwo specifically targets the buttocks, where cellulite commonly occurs. The treatment smooths the skin’s dimpled appearance that causes many women to be self-conscious.

What To Expect

Before injecting Qwo, your provider marks the target areas. No anesthetic is necessary. Patients experience little to no discomfort during the injections, which take about 10 minutes or less. No downtime is needed, either, so patients can resume their normal activities after their treatment sessions.

Often Asked

How many Qwo treatment sessions are needed?

During your initial consultation at CaloSpa, we’ll create a customized treatment plan based on a physical exam and your goals. If your aesthetic specialist determines that QWO is right for you, they will decide on a treatment plan, including the total number of treatments. Each treatment visit may include up to 2 treatment areas. QWO injections will be given 21 days apart for 3 treatment visits.

Will I see immediate results with Qwo?

In Qwo clinical studies, patients saw results after 10 weeks.

Are there any side effects?

Common side effects associated with Qwo are similar to other injectable treatments, including swelling and bruising at the injection sites. Bruising can last up to 2 weeks, so it's best not to have a beach vacation scheduled immediately after treatment.

What other cellulite reduction treatments does CaloSpa offer?

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, so we offer a number of other treatments for people concerned about cellulite. These options include truSculpt®, Cellfina®, and EMTONE®.

If you’re looking for a med spa offering cellulite reduction treatments, you can request a spa consultation using the online form or call one of our 2 locations to meet with a body contouring specialist at CaloSpa. Call (502) 814-3000 (Louisville) or (859) 269-2256 (Lexington).


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