The Power of Antioxidants

C_E_Ferulic_full-sizeAntioxidants play an incredible part in the function of our health and our skin. That is why for years we have seen and heard so much  about them. When our bodies and our skin are constantly bombarded by free radicals on a minute by minute basis, it is damaging to our cells and our DNA. That is why diet and antioxidants in skincare formulations are so important.

An effective antioxidant product will contain higher levels of antioxidants and will be sold in a medically supervised environment. The FDA will only allow a very small percentage of antioxidants to be included in over-the counter products, which doesn’t amount to much!  That is why consumers who use over-the-counter antioxidant products only notice a small, if any, amount of improvement.

Vitamins C, E, and A are the antioxidants most often seen in skincare formulations.  But with more science and clinical studies, different forms, found in plants and food , are being utilized. Green tea is one of the forerunners in this, as the polyphenols are very active in the plant. Green tea has been shown to slow the glycation process in the aging of the skin. The foods that we eat, are much more nutritious in the whole food category.  The antioxidants found in whole foods aren’t as broken down, or removed, from over processing, or cooking, or from added preservatives.

Our daily skincare regimen is very important in the way our skin looks and functions.  Serums are usually a favorite for the delivery of the Vit. C, E., and A.  It is a lighter consistency, and has a vehicle to propel the vitamin into the lower layers of the dermis, where it is needed the most.  Vitamin C is well known for protecting from UVA and UVB rays.  It actually gives an added shield against these aging rays from the sun, along with your sunscreen. Both should be applied daily, even if you’re only making a short trip in the car, or outside for small amounts of time.  It is the cumulative amount of sun we get day to day that causes the damage.  Sometimes we forget how much sun we got in our younger years, and I personally do not need any more damage!

Other things that wreak havoc on our skin are:  air pollution, cigarette smoke, chemicals from cleaning products, etc. That is where antioxidants come into play, and how important they are in protecting the skin from further damage. Retinal products that contain antioxidants are also a good combination. Getting a professional skin care consultation with a  licensed Aesthetician, and monthly skin care treatments or, facials help you and your  facialist  to  determine how your skin is coming along with your regimen , and if anything needs to be added, or changed. It is amazing how far skin care has become, and is exciting to be able to offer the wonderful medical products that are available to the consumer now.  So, do yourself, and your skin a favor, go out and see what is available , I think you’ll be surprised, and pleased!

CaloSpa Skincare Expert

Cathy Caperton



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