Restylane® Silk is the ‘Go to” Injectable Filler for Lip Enhancment


CaloSpa is excited to introduce a  new product to our filler family, Restylane Silk. It is the first and only FDA approved product specifically designed for subtle lip enhancement and to soften wrinkles around the mouth area.  Just like its sister products, Restylane  and Perlane,  Restylane Silk is a hyaluronic acid (a substance found naturally  in the body) based product that contains lidocaine for patient comfort  during injection. 

It’s the “go to” product for someone who wants to improve:

  1. Signs of aging around the mouth
  2. Restore volume to the lips

Restylane Silk enables your clinician to deliver a very natural look and effect to the lips. You may also notice less bleeding  of your  lip liner and lipsticks after your injections, due to the restored volume.  Results are immediate but some risks include swelling or bruising of the lips and surrounding area  for  a few days.  Restylane Silk  can be used in conjunction with other fillers and your treatment can be combined  with Botox or Dysport  injections.  

We recommend that you discontinue any medicines or herbal supplements that could contain blood thinning properties for 5 to 7 days before treatment. We also recommend that you start  taking the Herbal supplements  Arnica and Bromelain on  the day before your  procedure to help reduce the risk of bruising and swelling after your treatment. If you have a history of fever blisters or cold sores you will need to pre treat with an anti-viral medication, which can be called in to your pharmacy. 

Our staff will be glad to help you with  any concerns or questions you may have and can schedule you an appointment with one of our expert injectors.  You may  come in for a consult to learn more or if you feel comfortable about the procedure,  you  can schedule your consult and the  treatment on the same day. On the  day of your  treatment,  you will have photos taken and a topical numbing cream will be applied to the desired area. Your provider will review the procedure with you before injecting the product.   Afterwards you will be given ice packs to use on the injection site,  on and off,  for 48 hours… then enjoy your result!

CaloSpa Expert Injector

Tina Carroll

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