Louisville Massage Therapist Discusses the Benefits of Massage

Massage It’s that time of year again when most people set a New Years resolution goal and if you did  it probably had something to do with a healthier you, which is great but with our schedules puling  us in a lot of different directions , we tend to  lose ourselves in the grind. I notice, massage after massage,  a common theme with our clients, most of them are lacking balance in their lives.  If all you do is give and never receive, and are in the rut of constantly going, going and going and never taking a moment to slow down then you are probably feeling tired and depleted.  A great way to restore balance is through massage. Scheduling a regular massage once or twice a month can be highly effective in lowering  tension levels, restoring balance, soothing anxiety, and improving sleep.

Lower Muscle Tension- Many studies show that massage has helped people alleviate lower back pain caused by tension and stress in the muscles.

Restore Balance- A little massage can stimulate lymphatic drainage and increase blood flow which, decreasing toxin levels and boosting immunity.

Soothe Anxiety- Massage can lower blood pressure and reduce levels of stress hormones our bodies tend to build up.

Improve Sleep- Many people seem experience sleep deprivation and having a regular massage can  promote healthy sleep. Have you ever fallen asleep on a massage table?

Some of our Louisville and Lexington clientele’s favorite massages are Deep Tissue, Bamboo Therapy, and Warm Stone. Each offers a unique delivery to alleviating stress to bring balance back. Schedule your massage and start feeling the difference in the mind, body and soul.

CaloSpa Certified Massage Therapist

Leslie Huddleston



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