Get Younger Looking Skin with Growth Factors

Botox InjectionWhat you apply to your skin on a daily basis directly relates to your skin’s appearance.  Twice daily application of growth factors will dramatically change the appearance of your skin. Human growth factors are proteins that regulate the health of our cells.  They are critical for all wound healing and work by reconstructing skin.  Our body’s growth factor supply depletes as we age, causing collagen breakdown.  Luckily SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex and TNS Essential Serum replenish our skin with over 110 topical human growth factors that are derived from natural skin cells.  Using these products will reduce the signs of aging and plump up those dreaded fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture and resiliency.  TNS helps our skin think like it did at a younger age, giving us a younger look.

Growth Factors are so vital for optimal skin appearance that Calospa is hosting a Growth Factor Event to further educate patients about the benefits growth factors provide! Myron Schrage, a Skin Medica product representative, will be speaking at the event on January 30 from 6:00-7:00pm. You do not want to miss out on the exclusive event specials we will have that night!  When you purchase one TNS Recovery complex you get half off an Illuminize Peel treatment and 10 units of Botox®.  You get a FREE Illuminize Peel treatment and 20 units of Botox® when you purchase a TNS Essential Serum.   Do not miss out on this opportunity to learn more about the value of Growth Factors and to take advantage of these fabulous deals!

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