Don’t Sweat It: 7 Reasons Why There’s miraDry®


We’ve heard patients say they’ve tried nearly every treatment option for excessive sweating (a.k.a. hyperhydrosis) to no avail:

Maximum strength deodorants

Prescription deodorants

BOTOX® Cosmetic injections

Often, the treatments end up costing more than the patients had hoped — all for nothing. It’s frustrating, and we totally understand. We also don’t want you to have to sweat the small stuff (like those pesky armpit stains) anymore. To help, we’re excited to offer our patients miraDry, which may finally treat your underarm hyperhydrosis for good. You can get details on the miraDry treatment on our site, but here we’re talking about the situations where miraDry can help, and offering a special opportunity for readers.

Consider these reasons why miraDry can be a big change in your life:

1. Because you sweat regardless of the weather: You know what we’re talking about. It’s cold outside and, despite the fact that you’re bundled up and still a little chilly, you’ve still managed to sweat through a few layers of clothes.

2. Because you quit working out with friends: There’s a big difference between a little sweat on the forehead, chest, or back and the t-shirt-soaking, soggy dripping sweat you may be used to. It can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and it doesn’t make workouts with friends much fun.

3. Because you’re excited about meeting new people: Whether it’s a first date, new colleagues, or the first time meeting his parents… first impressions matter.

4. Because you’re tired of deodorants smudges on your little black dress: Every time you pull on a black t-shirt, reapply deodorant, or simply move your arms around in that little black dress, those white smudges reappear.

5. Because you’re getting ready for a job interview: Those sweat stains shouldn’t be the first thing your interviewer notices. In fact, they shouldn’t even notice them at all.

6. Because you hate standing up in front of groups: We’ve all been there. That moment when you stand up in front of your team at work, your colleagues in class, or to give a toast at your best friend’s wedding — and they can all see.

7. Because the results last a lifetime: You read that right. While 1 or 2 follow up treatments may be necessary, most patients experience permanent results.

Ready for some exciting news? Now through January 26, 2017, we’re offering the opportunity to enter to win 1 free miraDry treatment at CaloSpa. Enter now and remember: don’t sweat it!

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