Dermal Filler Removal: How Common Is It?

Woman examining her skin in the mirror after a treatment of dermal fillers.

Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Vicki Gunvalson of Real Housewives of Orange County have admitted to having their dermal fillers dissolved and reversing the volumizing effects of their injectable treatments. This process is fairly quick and simple, and it’s one we’re happy to perform at our Louisville med spa. However, it’s worth noting that we make every effort to prevent the need for this in the first place by working closely with our patients to create results they can feel confident about.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at everything you need to know about filler removal— and why in most cases, it’s unlikely you’ll need it at all.

Creating Exceptional Results

When we discuss dermal filler removal, it’s important to note that, when under the care of a certified professional, most patients are happy with the outcome of their injectable treatments. Less-than-perfect results are uncommon, and they’re typically the result of an unqualified injector.

At CaloSpa, we work carefully during each consultation to plan for great results, which includes discussing your goals thoroughly and determining the best approach and product to achieve them. This helps us make sure we’re working to achieve a look you’ll feel great about.

We then use our experienced injection skills to create that look. Dr. Calobrace is an ExpertInjector™, meaning he is especially skillful at delivering safe and reliably satisfying treatments. He has a track record of not only consistently creating satisfying results but also creating a supportive, positive patient experience and working only with FDA-approved products.

The Filler Removal Process

While rare, unsatisfactory results are easy to reverse. When mishaps do happen, they typically include:

  • Overfilling, which can create a pillowy, unnatural result.
  • Asymmetry created by an imbalance of volume.
  • Lumpiness around the injection site.
  • Poor reaction to the product, which happens in a very small percentage of cases and usually manifests as inflammation.

In these situations, we can dissolve the filler at any time with an injection of hyaluronidase, a naturally occurring enzyme that dissolves hyaluronic acid particles. It takes effect within a day or 2, quickly reversing your filler results.

How Common is Filler Removal?

Because the body naturally dissolves fillers on its own, usually in a matter of months, removal is fairly uncommon. The temporary lifespan of filler results is even a selling point for many patients who enjoy the low risk of the procedure. Many treat their first treatment at a “test drive” to help them find the right look.

Dermal fillers are highly customizable, have a relatively low price point, and, when injected by a qualified provider, can create flattering results that don’t require a long-term commitment. While you’re unlikely to choose to have them dissolved, we’ll be happy to do so to help you maintain your desired look.

If you would like to learn more about your dermal filler options at our Lexington and Louisville med spa locations, please contact us online or call (502) 814-3000 (Louisville) or (859) 269-2256 (Lexington).

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