miraDry® Sweat Treatment

Here in Lexington and Louisville, excessive sweating can be an unavoidable part of life, especially in the summertime. But when sweating starts to encroach on your daily activities, holding you back socially or making you feel embarrassed by stains and odor, clinical options can help. At CaloSpa®, we recommend miraDry — a noninvasive, outpatient procedure that selectively deactivates underarm sweat glands for lasting dryness and lifelong confidence.

For more information on miraDry, appointments are available for existing as well as new clients during our regular hours. You may also request a consultation or call us at (502) 814-3000 in Louisville or (859) 269-2256 in Lexington to make an appointment.

About miraDry

miraDry is a nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment for underarm sweating. miraDry uses targeted electromagnetic energy to disable sweat glands, providing long-lasting results by targeting the cause itself.

miraDry typically requires 2 treatments for optimal results, but you'll likely notice a difference in sweating after a single treatment. You may have heard about other options for treating excessive sweating, such as BOTOX®, but we like miraDry because its results are especially long-lasting.

Who makes a good miraDry candidate?

miraDry is effective for both men and women, and it's a particularly good choice for:

  • Anyone with bothersome, embarrassing sweating under the arms
  • Anyone who struggles with odor under the arms
  • Active, athletic individuals who really deal with a lot of daily sweating
  • Anyone who wants to avoid the chemicals and heavy metals in deodorants
  • Anyone who simply doesn't want to mess with deodorants and the mess on clothes

Although it's not intended to be a hair removal technique on its own, miraDry has the ancillary benefit of reducing hair in the treatment area.

The Procedure

Your miraDry treatment takes place in a private treatment room right here at CaloSpa®. Your practitioner begins by cleaning your armpits and marking the areas where your most active sweat glands are located. You will also be given local anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout the duration of the procedure.

Once the preparations are complete, your practitioner uses a handheld device to direct electromagnetic energy to the marked areas of your underarms in short pulses. During this time, you may feel some stinging, tingling, or warmth, but the procedure is not painful. After your procedure, you can go back to your usual activities immediately. If possible, though, we recommend using cold compresses on your underarms for the remainder of the day.

Nothing to Fear

Feeling anxious about your procedure? We offer self-administered nitrous oxide with the Pro-Nox™ system for patients undergoing certain procedures. Ask about it during your consultation.


Often Asked

Q. Is it safe to disable sweat glands? Aren't they necessary?

A. Sweat is the body's own way of cooling itself down, so sweat glands certainly are necessary. However, the human body has millions of sweat glands from head to toe. Deactivating a few hundred beneath the arms won't have any adverse effect on your body's ability to regulate its own temperature.

Q. Will I need to take time off from work?

A. It depends on what you do for a living. You can get back to normal, sedentary daily activities immediately after your procedure, such as an office job or running errands, but you'll need to stay away from strenuous activity for about 3 days after your procedure.

Q. How soon will I see results?

A. You'll likely experience a noticeable decrease in sweat production after your initial treatment. However, for the best results possible, miraDry typically requires 2 treatments. Because miraDry destroys the targeted sweat glands, its results are permanent.

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