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Ideal ProteinCaloSpa® is pleased to offer the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method in Louisville and Lexington, KY. The program and its products are available only through approved health care professionals like us. CaloSpa® consultants have been specially trained to bring this exclusive weight loss and nutrition system to our patients.

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Obesity is a widespread epidemic in the United States, affecting 30% of the population. The primary goal of the Ideal Protein system is to help address issues surrounding obesity. Ideal Protein helps program participants understand the impact food has on the body, how to identify food combinations that may promote fat storage and the body mechanisms that must be triggered in order to lose fat.

Model TummyThe revolutionary Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed program that promotes weight loss while enhancing muscle tone. Its four-phase protocol encourages pancreas and blood sugar stabilization while burning fat and maintaining lean muscle tissue. This easy-to-use, proven program has been effective in supporting cellulite reduction in thousands of patients worldwide. The center piece of the Ideal Protein method is a wide selection of gourmet, protein-based foods in various textures and flavors. Patients participating in the weight loss program will use these products to build complete meals. The Ideal Protein system also includes nutrient-rich supplements that are key ingredients in building muscle and increasing electrolyte production.

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Let our expert Ideal Protein weight loss consultants in Kentucky at CaloSpa® guide you through every step of this scientifically proven weight loss system and get you back to a healthy, active lifestyle.

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