Katy Jo Groft, Clinical Aesthetician and Body Contouring Expert

Katy Jo Groft, Clinical Aesthetician

Katy Jo Groft is a clinical aesthetician and lead body contouring specialist who has been practicing since 2010. Katy Jo specializes in advanced laser treatments and non-surgical body contouring treatments. Katy regularly attends national training meetings to bring the latest techniques and knowledge back to CaloSpa® to further her education and understanding of modalities offered in our facilities. She is hugely motivated by results-driven procedures to provide her patients with the highest satisfaction and thorough patient care and education. Katy is passionate about noninvasive procedures focusing on body contouring, skin tightening, and textural irregularities. She prides herself on choosing treatments that will address her patients’ concerns and meet or exceed their expectations at the best value.

Katy enjoys dancing and singing in her kitchen in her free time with her two young children.

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