Newest Rejuvenation Treatment for Women Available Exclusively in Kentucky at CaloAesthetics Plastic Surgery Center

Nonsurgical heat treatment may allow women to reclaim their pre-baby bodies

Relaxation of the vaginal muscles is common after a vaginal birth, or it simply occurs due to aging. Damage to the vaginal walls can decrease a woman's sensation during intercourse, which negatively impacts her sexual pleasure, and it can also affect her relationship with her partner.

ThermiVa™ is the latest treatment to use topically applied radiofrequency to treat vulvovaginal dysfunction. Using ThermiRF™, an advanced radiofrequency technology that tightens the skin by encouraging collagen production, the treatment delivers temperature-controlled heat to labial and vaginal tissues, both internally and externally. A key advantage to ThermiRF technology is that it allows physicians to precisely locate an area for treatment and then apply a controlled dose of radiofrequency energy to the targeted area. ThermiVa can be used for patients of all skin types, without pre-treatment of the skin prior to the procedure.

"The therapeutic benefit of radiofrequency to muscular tissue healing has been known for decades," said Dr. Calobrace. "ThermiVa has been found to be effective in helping reduce vaginal dryness and atrophy, reducing urinary leakage, and helping to improve symptoms of orgasmic dysfunction. In addition, ThermiVa can help to tighten labial tissue to decrease fullness and produce a softer and smoother skin."

The ThermiVa treatment lasts about 30 minutes and has no downtime or delay in sexual activity. Because it is a non-abalative and non-surgical procedure, no anesthesia is required. Most patients require three treatments, and the effects last up to 12 months. Maintenance therapies are also available.

To schedule a consultation, please call (502) 814-3000 in Louisville or (859) 269-2256 in Lexington. In addition to vaginal rejuvenation, CaloAesthetics Plastic Surgery Center and CaloSpa use the ThermiRF system to perform a family of procedures for the face and body, including treatments that tighten saggy skin on the eyelids and around the mouth; reduce the appearance of frown lines between the eyes; and shape and sculpt the neck, jawline, arms, tummy and back.

About CaloAesthetics Plastic Surgery Center and CaloSpa Rejeuvenation Center:

M. Bradley Calobrace, M.D., is a Kentucky board-certified plastic surgeon at Calobrace Plastic Surgery Center, a fully-equipped surgery center in Louisville with on-site operating suites, anesthesiology and nursing staff. Dr. Calobrace specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and is recognized for his expertise in facial rejuvenation and body contouring. His full-service medical and day spa, CaloSpa Rejuvenation Center, offers a range of services, from massage to facials to dermal fillers. CaloSpa has locations in Louisville and Lexington, Ky. For more, visit www.calobrace.com or www.calospa.com.

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