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TEOXANE Family, line-upIf you’ve been looking for a physician directed skincare line that is corrective, preventative and gives you’re skin an immediate plumping result TEOXANE is what you’ve been looking for. TEOXANE products contain RHA ( resilient hyaluronic acid) just like what’s in the injectable fillers you’ve come to love (Juvederm, Restylane, and Voluma). The RHA in these products , by binding water and creating a gel matrix, has the ability to slowly release moisture into the outer layer of your skin(epidermis). This creates hydrated and supple skin. The best part of the whole process is that this product has the ( thanks to the gel matrix) ability to deliver antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to the deeper layers of the skin. The delivery of these products over time can help improve the signs of aging and help our skin to age more gracefully. TEOXANE products can be beneficial to all skin types. Many of my oily skin clients have found these products to be a very beneficial adjunct to their current skincare program.  Even oily skin needs hydration to function optimally.

The TEOXANE  line has a total of 5 products.  These products include :

1) RHA Prime Solution which works much like a cleanser/toner for sensitive skin.

2) RHA Serum which is the power house of this line delivering the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid, antioxadants, vitamins and minerals to the skin.

3) RHA Advanced Age Defense Cream to add additional moisture, as needed, to the skin while still delivering those key ingredients this line is famous for.

4) RHA Refiner Skin Renewal Cream allows gentle exfoliation revealing a brighter more youthful appearance to the skin. L

5) RHA Deep Repair Balm, which is perfect for post injectables, will help to sooth and hydrate the skin while quickly helping to reduce swelling and bruising.

TEOXANE products can be used alone as a complete and therapeutic skincare line or you can add one of their amazing products to your current regimen. I personally love using the RHA serum in the morning after my SkinMedica Essential Serum and the TEOXANE RHA refining cream (with 10% glycolic) in the evening two to three times a week. That being said, everyone’s needs are different and here at CaloSpa we understand that. By  we can help you decide and choose what products would work best for your individual skincare needs and goals. If you’re ready to slow down the aging process of your skin while delivering much needed hydration than TEOXANE is the line for you.

Senior Aesthetician

Karen Stickrod


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