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Can You Freeze Away Fat?

The Latest Technology in Fat Reduction
There are many ways to reduce body fat, but most are invasive, involve surgery, or require extensive time and dedication. With CoolSculpting™, the latest in fat reduction technology, reducing fat is easy on the patient and produces quick results. Continue reading

Facial Injectables are on the Rise

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), facial Injectables are on the rise and CaloSpa is no stranger to this trend. Over the last year we have seen more and more clients looking to refresh their look with procedures that are less invasive and not as costly as cosmetic plastic surgery. Clients have discovered that facial injectables can lead to very good results. Doctors Brad Calobrace and Nana Mizuguchi can achieve total facial rejuvenation through precise injections in both “as labeled” and “off-label” areas. Facial injectables can either fill in fine lines and wrinkles or they can add volume, which can create lift. Both techniques, filling and adding volume, will produce the most optimal outcome.

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