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Is this pressure ok for you?

I have been a licensed massage therapist for more than 10 years. When I meet someone new, a common question is what do you do for a living? When I say I am a massage therapist I often hear horror stories about past massages, typically regarding how painful a session was. When I ask them, did you tell the massage therapist it was hurting you at the time? They always say no. And then I ask…Why not? You paid to be comfortable, not tortured for an hour. We don’t expect you to grin and bear it. We want you to enjoy your massage. I have a goal when I start each massage and it is to make you as comfortable as possible. I want to alleviate pain and to give you a nice relaxing massage. Feedback is a very important part of getting the message that you want. That is why every massage therapist asks the question “Is this pressure ok for you?”. We welcome feedback during every session; we won’t think you’re picky or too difficult. So the next time your therapist asks if the pressure is ok, please speak up! This could be the difference between a terrible massage and a really great experience. Continue reading