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Practice Meditation During Your Next Massage

Meditation is the art of focusing one’s mind into a highly concentrated state that induces clarity, calm, and joy. There are numerous styles and different meditation techniques from all corners of the world. While most people think of meditation in the more formal style (cross-legged on the floor with eyes closed and hands folded), meditation can really take on many different and unexpected forms. Massage is an absolutely wonderful time to practice meditation. By it’s very nature massage has a very meditative quality that often draws the client’s mind into a very still and spacious place. This quiet place of … Continue reading

Massage Is More Than Just Relaxing

Massage is more than just an indulgence you get on vacation or receive as a gift.  Massage therapy is good for your health. Virtually every system of the body is affected by massage, either directly or indirectly. Several studies show that massage reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol while boosting the feel good hormone serotonin and dopamine. Those changes slow your heart rate, reduce blood pressure and block your nervous systems pain receptors. Massage also increases blood flow to your muscles which may help them heal, making it very beneficial for athletes or anyone with an injury. When it’s … Continue reading

Treat Cellulite with M’Lis Contour Wrap

The warmer temperatures are just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how we want to look in our shorts, sundresses and bathing suits. One of the best accessories for spring is a strong, smooth and sexy body. M’lis wrap helps rid the body of unwanted cellulite. This wrap was created by a Biochemist from UCLA originally formulated to help with stimulation of circulation and lymphatic flow for those suffering from Diabetes or any disease that inhibits circulation. What they discovered was that because of the increase flow of circulation, the patient would experience not only … Continue reading

Couples Massage Maybe Just What You’re Looking For

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching us you maybe once again faced with the dilemma of what to get that special someone in your life. There are always the typical Valentines gifts such as a special card, some chocolates, or flowers. If you are looking to bring it up a notch, celebrating this day of romance with a Calospa Couples Massage maybe just what you’re looking for. This type of massage allows couples to reconnect and to get a little closer which can enhance intimacy. You and that special someone will experience your massage together in the same area with a … Continue reading

Louisville Massage Therapist Discusses the Benefits of Massage

It’s that time of year again when most people set a New Years resolution goal and if you did  it probably had something to do with a healthier you, which is great but with our schedules puling  us in a lot of different directions , we tend to  lose ourselves in the grind. I notice, massage after massage,  a common theme with our clients, most of them are lacking balance in their lives.  If all you do is give and never receive, and are in the rut of constantly going, going and going and never taking a moment to slow … Continue reading