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Decoding Cosmetic Lasers

There are so many lasers and so many skin conditions that lasers treat. Now, have you ever wondered why there are so many different types of lasers? It’s easy to open magazines or even search the internet and find article after article promising results and claiming to have the best laser. The problem is that most of the time, not one laser can or will correct all of someone’s skin concerns. In fact, Most people have more than one concern to begin with, which then will likely involve more than one type of laser treatment. Here is where the decoding … Continue reading

Remove Unwanted Tattoos with the Picosure Laser

Who doesn’t know someone with a tattoo that they wish they had never got or wish they could get rid of?  Over the years laser technology has continued to improve for tattoo removal and  now patients can see faster and better results with the new  Picosure Laser available at CaloSpa. One of the easiest ways to explain how the Picosure is different from other lasers is that it has the ability to break up the ink into particles the size of fine sand. This then makes it much easier for the body to continue to break down and lighten up … Continue reading