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Remove Unwanted Tattoos with the Picosure Laser

Who doesn’t know someone with a tattoo that they wish they had never got or wish they could get rid of?  Over the years laser technology has continued to improve for tattoo removal and  now patients can see faster and better results with the new  Picosure Laser available at CaloSpa. One of the easiest ways to explain how the Picosure is different from other lasers is that it has the ability to break up the ink into particles the size of fine sand. This then makes it much easier for the body to continue to break down and lighten up … Continue reading

Don’t Cry about Aging, Defy it!

As we age,  our faces start to lose volume. The youthful round contours of our face become flat causing skin to sag.  Jawlines take on a different shape. We look in the mirror and ask “where did my cheeks go?” A lot of people also work very hard at maintaining a healthy figure with diet and exercise only to find that it exasperates the aging process in our face. Do you like the face you had 15 pounds ago but don’t want to gain the weight back? No worries, we can help. Fortunately with the wide variety of injectable fillers available we can … Continue reading

Louisville Massage Therapist Discusses the Benefits of Massage

It’s that time of year again when most people set a New Years resolution goal and if you did  it probably had something to do with a healthier you, which is great but with our schedules puling  us in a lot of different directions , we tend to  lose ourselves in the grind. I notice, massage after massage,  a common theme with our clients, most of them are lacking balance in their lives.  If all you do is give and never receive, and are in the rut of constantly going, going and going and never taking a moment to slow … Continue reading

Get Younger Looking Skin with Growth Factors

What you apply to your skin on a daily basis directly relates to your skin’s appearance.  Twice daily application of growth factors will dramatically change the appearance of your skin. Human growth factors are proteins that regulate the health of our cells.  They are critical for all wound healing and work by reconstructing skin.  Our body’s growth factor supply depletes as we age, causing collagen breakdown.  Luckily SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex and TNS Essential Serum replenish our skin with over 110 topical human growth factors that are derived from natural skin cells.  Using these products will reduce the signs of … Continue reading

Weight Loss Begins with Ideal Protein

Here we are in the first month of the New Year.  I believe at this time we reflect back on the past year and look forward to the new year ahead of us.  Today I find myself thinking about weight loss, Ideal Protein and how they have given me a deeper gratitude for those who have conquered their weight loss struggles as I once did. Reflecting  back on my own weight loss has enabled me to have a better prospective and understanding for those who have had  the same struggles.  I am reminded of the daily challenges associated with weight loss like … Continue reading